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This service is provided for those with urgent ocular symptoms, such as:-


Red eye,

Painful eye,

Flashes and floaters,

Foreign body etc.

Please contact us for an appointment.

Alternatively find a practice near you to access this service

IOP Repeat Measures Service


This service is necessary if the pressure in one or both of your eyes was higher than normal when it was measured for the first time This may just have been one abnormal reading. So you may simply need to be measured again, perhaps twice, to see if the pressure is high each time. Often a different instrument is used for this.

Cataract Referral


Your optometrist will check for the type and severity of your cataract (note visual acuity is not the only consideration); The effect on your daily living (glare, flare, poor contrast sensitivity affecting small print); Whether you still meet the driving standard if you are a driver and whether you wish to have surgery. We can refer you directly to several different hospital eye departments for this surgery.


Diabetic Retinal Screening

Diabetic eye screening is a key part of diabetes care. People with diabetes are at risk of damage from diabetic retinopathy, a condition that can lead to sight loss if it's not treated.

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